Weathered Wood provides artistic haven amidst a revolution

The acrid scent of spray paint permeates Second Street as a small cadre of artists congregates on the sidewalk to work on art that, above all else, shouts out one edict loudly and clearly to passersby.

“Black Lives Matter!”

The …

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Albany Cops listen to community concerns, without community

Photos by Allie O’Keefe

Sweat rolls off Manetertep El Dey’s neck as he speaks to Pastor David Traynham. The crowd — press and protesters alike — surround the two. Phones are held aloft, recording live. 

“We don’t have to do …

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A flower blooms in Troy

Brandon Brown comes up to me, and there is exhaustion written on his face.

“This is going on longer than it was supposed to,” he tells me. “Half our security team has already gone home.”

Brown is a member of …

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11,000 March in Troy for Black Lives

Eleven thousand Capital District residents and activists came out to rally, march, and protest for Black lives today in Downtown Troy.

“I don’t give a fuck about them painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on that street in D.C,” a woman yelled …

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Youth Speakout for Black Lives in Albany

Today’s “Youth Speakout” in Albany was promoted as a way to get youth and young ones feeling like they were part of the movement for Black lives, in order to let their voices be heard.

(Assembled protestors before the event)…

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